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Back to School Checklist

It’s so easy to get caught up in the bliss of summer that, before you know it, the new school year is a week away. To avoid being struck with last minute panic, here are a few things to ask yourself before the first day of school.

Buy school supplies

See if you have anything you can use from previous years, and decide what you need to buy before even getting to the store. Some stores even have pre-made checklists to make shopping a breeze.


Check online or see if anything was sent to your home regarding book requirements, that way you can buy in advance and from cheaper sources.

Summer assignments

Make sure you have printed and completed anything that needs to be handed in for your child’s first day. Keep paperwork in a folder in your child’s backpack to ensure they don’t forget it.

Bus or pick-up schedule

Do you know what time the bus arrives and leaves your house? Or where the pick-up location is? If not, these are things to call about in advance.


Ask yourself now: will your kids be buying lunch? If so, do they need money or have an account set up through the school?


Start planning ahead when it comes to food shopping and how often you will need to go, especially if lunches need to be packed on a regular basis.

Extracurricular activities

Make sure your kids have all the equipment or necessary items to bring to their extracurricular activities. Keep track of what days these activities occur, to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your schedule.


Decide if you will need a sitter on certain days, that way you have enough time to find someone to help you out on a weekly basis.


Take note of what clothes your child grew out of or is in need of for the new year, and plan to shop when deals on these items are at their best.

Sleep routine

It’s a good idea to start getting in the habit of going to sleep earlier to prep for the school year ahead. Try starting at least a week in advance, even earlier if possible.

By planning early on, the beginning of the school year will be a smooth transition for you and your kids.

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