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529 College Savings Plans: A Cheat Sheet for Common Questions

Whether your child was just born or is heading toward high school graduation, a 529 savings plan may help you put aside funds to pay for college expenses without paying taxes (federal and some states) on any dividends and gains.1 However, 529 plans have some specific rules, regulations, and restrictions that parents must know before college begins. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about 529 college savings plans.

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May Letter: Market Volatility

After a rough start to 2022, the last few days in the equity markets could have scared and confused even the most seasoned of investors and advisors. An example of this is when equity markets pulled back sharply on Thursday, May 5th, completely erasing a rally from the prior session on May 4th. This stunning reversal delivered investors one of the worst days since 2020.

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6 Mental Health Tips for Investors

Investing is stressful. It takes sound mental decisions to weather the ups and downs that come with the markets and investing in general. Whether you are managing your financial portfolio or making investments on the side, staying mentally healthy may assist with good decision-making. Below are a few simple mental health tips to help investors remain centered.